The Greenway and a Kale Smoothie

The Greenway and a Kale Smoothie

My friend and I trained this morning. We did a little over 3 miles…though not all running. I brought Lulu to join us for her first trip to the greenway. She has some training of her own to do as a running buddy, but over all she did really well.

During our trek, I used an app called Charity Miles. You can run, walk, or bicycle for whatever charity you pick. I did ASPECA today, in honor of Lulu being with us, but I plan to change it up.
We weren’t home 10 minutes before Lulu passed out. While I made an after run snack.

This week I’m going to experiment with kale green smoothies.
So today I used 8 ounces green tea, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 cup baby kale, 1 banana, 2 cups frozen mixed berries. It was very delicious! I was warmed by a friend that kale is very strong in smoothies, but I can’t taste it at all in this one! Tomorrow I will try 2 cups and see if I can handle it.




Meet Lulu. She’s a 9 month old shiba inu. Adler and I adopted her from PAWS located in Murfreesboro, TN almost 3 weeks ago. (You may have seen the post.) Adler has named her Lulu after a rare Rx7 race car.

She warmed up to us so much. She now wags her tail to greet us when we come home and she snuggles up on the couch.

She will play with us outside and she loves to explore the outdoors. I’m planning a little hiking trip with her. She is very intelligent. I’ve been able to teach her name, train her on entering and exiting the house, and to go to her crate or come to me by command. All with only praise, without the use of treats or food reinforcement. I would love to start on some other things with her but its difficult to reinforce and train without the lure of food… at least for me. However, she still won’t take bits of kibble, treats, or even bits of chicken from my hand yet.

I’m beginning to think she may have been abused and not only neglected. Not only because of the food, she also will not go into the bedrooms no matter the coaxing. She will come to me, but the second I stop petting her, she immediately heads for the door. She also will not play indoors with us, or with her toys. The most she’ll do is chew on them in her crate. So I bought her some interactive toys, and I bought myself a book that goes into even more detail on shibas.

I read it last night. It had some fantastic information, but it solidified my suspicions of abuse. Shibas have a very long memory and negative experiences stick with them. So if she was punished for playing or going in bedrooms it’s going to be long journey to reverse that. But it’ll be worth it for her to feel free and happy in her own home.

I’m hoping the toys will help encourage her to play. The green ball is for large dry treats for her to nibble at. The black one is a kong. I’m going to put wet food inside with just a few bits of cheese or sardines. Then I’ll freeze it and ta-da hours fun and surprises. The red one is good for several things, it will help keep her teeth clean. There are ridges we’re I can put peanut butter as a treat, and one end has a hole through it for stick treats. These should help her understand play time is fun and acceptable. X-)

I bought the toys and the book from But I’ve also recently discovered an app: It is for all pets, not just dogs. They sell almost everything; food, treats, toys, food bowls, collars and leashes, and other accessories.

An Adventure in Training

An Adventure in Training

Adler and I adopted a shiba inu puppy last Saturday. She’s about 9 months old and very shy of people. She is so sweet though, and has opened up so much during this past week. Adler named her Lulu. I little to girly for my taste, but some how it has stuck.

Shiba’s take longer to bond with their family than some other breeds, but Lulu is proving to be more cautious than most. The rescue thinks it’s because she was neglected. I can’t wait until she’s used to us, so that I can start training her. She’s already crate trained, potty trained, and leash trained… Completely ready for the fun stuff, except that she won’t eat from my hand. I can’t get her to take anything from my hand, chicken, treats, her own food… Nothing I’ve tried so far has tempted her enough to take it from my hand. Hopefully with a little more time she’ll come around.


In case you’re wondering, that is a blanket with different faces of Jack from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Great blanket and now it’s hers. X-)