First Craft Show

First Craft Show

I recently did a small Make &/or Bake Sale for Alzheimer’s research. It was the first time I’d ever done something like that. I didn’t have a lot of props and I used sticky notes to show prices, but it went really really well.
So First ever show a success! Aaaaannndd a friend asked me to share a booth with her in October, so second show here I come! I’m very excited! I have to make some more items and look around the house for some props. If you live in Tennessee, or want to visit, it’s the Grundy County Craft Show on October 1st. Come and see me!

Some items that will be with me in Grundy County:

Also, I’m taking orders for custom jewelry for gifts or upcoming holiday party gatherings and for custom bags. Get your orders in early for a special surprise!


Wall of Inspiration

Wall of Inspiration

I’m a huge fan of using inspiration, idea/goal boards. I think they are a beautiful way to keep your goals and inspiration ever at the front of our minds.

Since I don’t have an office, my desk sits against a wall in a hybrid hallway that open to the living room, and so I wanted to create a beautiful and simple way to display my ideas, to do lists, goals, and things that inspire me. But I also want the area to have it’s own feel since it’s my workspace.
Want to make your own wall of inspiration? Follow along below!

Staple gun with 6mm staples
Four 12×12 squares of cork board
Four 13×13 squares of fabric (depending on the thickness of your boards, you may need more than an extra inch all the way around)
Four picture hangers and screws
Screw driver

I started with a 4 pack of 12×12 cork boards. Then I selected fabric that matched my living room enough not to clash, but is also different enough to give the area it’s own feeling. I decided to use only two colors, but another great idea would be to use four different fabrics.
I cut 13×13 squares out of the fabric. I made three from the light color and one from the darker charcoal color.

To start attaching the fabric to the board, I placed the fabric face down and the cork board down in the middle with at least an inch of fabric showing all the way around.

Using the staple gun, fold the fabric over the cork board and staple once in the middle. (I was working on a carpeted floor, so I placed a piece of board under where I stapled for support.) Then do the same thing to the opposite side pulling the fabric gently to make sure it will lie flat in the front.
Now repeat on the two remaining sides, so that your piece looks like the one below.
Now working from the center staple on each side, fold and pull the fabric down and place another staple in between the center one and the corner. Repeat on each side of the board. Now you have three staples on each side.
Now to tackle the corner. Take a pair of scissors and cut a square out, to look like the second image below.
Now, fold one side over holding the fabric taught, but not too tightly. Then fold the other fabric over and put one staple in the corner. Repeat for the other three corners.
Now, how to hang them on the wall. Eventually I hope to find and up-cycle some decorative frames, but until then, I took some tooth hangers off of picture frames that I have standing. You could buy some at a craft or hardware store, but it’s always awesome to use the opportunity to reuse/repurpose something!
To attach them, simply measure to the middle of side, place the piece and screw in.
Now the fun part! Hang them up and start pinning inspiration, to do lists, special quotes and phrases, and anything else that inspires you!
Need more space to pin? I took an old picture I was given, painted the frame and covered cardboard in fabric to match. I’m upswing it for my home study course.
I also made a pretty little paper pocket to hold study materials. X-)
So what do you think? How do you keep inspiration and to do lists present in your mind?

Frame your Paint

Frame your Paint

Originally to store my paints I hung them on some small hooks I attached to a shelf. It worked very well for a while, but as I collected more paints, it began to sag in the middle as you can see below. So I had to come with a new plan.
I had an old canvas frame that I had planned to recover, but as I looked at it leaning against the wall, I had a much better idea. So I painted it with a watered down brown paint… More like a stain.
Materials I used:

  • 16 hooks
  • One screw about the same size as the hook screws
  • Screw diver
  • Tape measure
  • 20130210-173400.jpg
    Using the tape measure I evenly spaced the hooks and marked it.
    Then I used the screw to make the hole for the hook screw.
    There you have it! X-) I’m super happy with it. I will add one more row at some point but for now its nice way to house my fabric baskets.

    Triangle Box

    Triangle Box

    IMG_0441You start with old magazines or any paper material sturdy enough and cut squares out of it. I use Adler’s old car magazines, but I have to be careful that there are no potentially offensive images.






    1: I use a ruler and a box cutter to make my squares. The more perfect the square the more clean cut the finished product turns out. Traditionally I would use a hard ruler. The hard edge works better for this, but Lulu recently ate mine. Silly puppy. 2: For this box, you will need three squares. 3: Take square one and fold it corner to corner to form the triangle in 4.



    5: Fold one outside corner to the center corner. 6: Fold the other outside corner to the center. 7: Open the corners back up and fold the center corner to the top and then re-open. 8: Repeat until you have three pieces.






    9: Slide the corner of one piece into the corner of another and so on until it looks like 10. 11: Shows a close up of the last corner opening. 12: Slide the last corner into place. I tack the bottom together with just a bit of glue on each side.




                                                      13: The finished little box. And a few other boxes I’ve made with this pattern. You can use more than three pieces. And I created some lids for mine also. X-)