Just playing around with the computer…

Thought I would share some current graphic and web design projects I’m currently working on.

I did a few things around here,  a new banner and social profile image.  I also made a cover image for a new series that starts Monday!




I also have been playing around with a logo/car design for a friend. I’m still conceptualizing, but here are his favorite concepts so far.

jklogo JohnnyK

How I got started with Graphic & Web Design:

I’ve always been a bit of a graphic designer. Sadly I used to play around with the basic paint program, changing and building images, sometimes pixel by pixel. At some point I discovered a wonderful and free program called GIMP. It was my favorite program, although, Inkscape is pretty fantastic itself. GIMP is able to do everything from photo editing to from scratch creation, although Inkscape is probably a better choice for from scratch designs and creating vector images. GIMP is for anyone, Inkscape is bit more hardcore, but you can find help all over the net.

And then I discovered web design. I got into web design, because I worked in a church office and they needed some one to do their website. I volunteered and, having only been exposed to the amount of html it takes to change the color on your myspace page, I picked up a book called Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML. If you want to learn, it’s a fantastic book to start with. Also, another thing I did was to download free templates and play around with the code. I’ve made quite a few websites now.

I’m always very excited and humbled when I get to use all of my skills and knowledge to create all the components, not just for the website, but the whole brand or business, everything from the logo, letterhead, postcards, t-shirts, etc. to helping build the entire marketing plan and campaign. And then create a unique showcase for it on the web. I love the process and creativity involved in that sort of thing.  Over the past year, I’ve been switching to Adobe Creative Suite! I love it. The tutorials were very helpful at first, as it’s very different than GIMP. There are a few functions that are easier in GIMP than Adobe, but there are also many more functions available across the adobe platform.

Check out some other things on my portfolio.


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