My friend Malinda called me up two weeks ago to see if I could help her make a dress out of playing cards for her little sister to wear for her birthday party. I accepted right away with a million ideas floating through my head! After talking a little to get a feel for what her sister might want, I drew a couple sketches and planned a meeting. Between work and life, I ended up with about 48 hours to get it done.
Fortunately I have a wonderful dress making partner named Ella. She is flexible enough to help me with many sizes and never complains when I stick her with a pin.
20130128-085350.jpg (Ella is an antique Acme adjustable dress form. I bought her from a lovely shop on etsy, DesertBlossomVintage.)

So after Ella got adjusted, I went to work making the dress. I don’t usually get nervous making dresses, but this one felt different. It’s for a 12 year old’s birthday. So it had to be perfect!
I got started making the skirt and top. Once those were sewn together, I added the zipper, lace around the top, and the bubble hem with tulle. Sewing the cards on was the hardest part.
The result! I think it turned out pretty well for the project runway time frame I was on. πŸ˜› (please ignore the fold lines on the fabric… they were fixed.)
My friend said her sister loved it!!! They had a wonderful time at her Alice in Wonderland party, painting tea sets. Best of all no one lost their head!


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