IMG_0441You start with old magazines or any paper material sturdy enough and cut squares out of it. I use Adler’s old car magazines, but I have to be careful that there are no potentially offensive images.






1: I use a ruler and a box cutter to make my squares. The more perfect the square the more clean cut the finished product turns out. Traditionally I would use a hard ruler. The hard edge works better for this, but Lulu recently ate mine. Silly puppy. 2: For this box, you will need three squares. 3: Take square one and fold it corner to corner to form the triangle in 4.



5: Fold one outside corner to the center corner. 6: Fold the other outside corner to the center. 7: Open the corners back up and fold the center corner to the top and then re-open. 8: Repeat until you have three pieces.






9: Slide the corner of one piece into the corner of another and so on until it looks like 10. 11: Shows a close up of the last corner opening. 12: Slide the last corner into place. I tack the bottom together with just a bit of glue on each side.




                                                  13: The finished little box. And a few other boxes I’ve made with this pattern. You can use more than three pieces. And I created some lids for mine also. X-)


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