Adler and I adopted a shiba inu puppy last Saturday. She’s about 9 months old and very shy of people. She is so sweet though, and has opened up so much during this past week. Adler named her Lulu. I little to girly for my taste, but some how it has stuck.

Shiba’s take longer to bond with their family than some other breeds, but Lulu is proving to be more cautious than most. The rescue thinks it’s because she was neglected. I can’t wait until she’s used to us, so that I can start training her. She’s already crate trained, potty trained, and leash trained… Completely ready for the fun stuff, except that she won’t eat from my hand. I can’t get her to take anything from my hand, chicken, treats, her own food… Nothing I’ve tried so far has tempted her enough to take it from my hand. Hopefully with a little more time she’ll come around.


In case you’re wondering, that is a blanket with different faces of Jack from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Great blanket and now it’s hers. X-)


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