Antique mall excursion and a very Spidy Christmas

There is an amazing little antique mall here in Murfreesboro. My mother, one of my sisters, Amber, and I went there on Saturday. There were some amazing items and I wish that I could have spent much more money than I did! But, alas, I have to save some money for food and rent. Even still, the prices were very reasonable and I was able to buy a lot with my budget. I even snagged a couple gifts.

For myself, I found an amazing vase to go in my living room and a couple of working vintage cameras. I love vintage cameras. I also found an old picnic box. The utensils and such were gone, but it still has the key. I thought it would make a wonderful excuse for picnic date. I can’t wait to blog about that! 😉

My two big finds, though, were 2 old records and 14 Spider-Man comics. The records are for my boyfriend’s dad. His birthday is Thursday and I think he’s going to be pleasantly surprised. I just hope he doesn’t already have them! The Spider-Man Comics are for my dad’s christmas gift. Spider-Man is his favorite super hero and I have some big plans for this little collection. Dad’s pool table room won’t have such bare walls after Christmas! X)

We all had a great time combing through the displays and looking at everything. In some cases trying to find out what it was or could be used for and I think Amber tried on every hat in the place. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning and I can’t wait to go back!


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