My Dream Job/Life

Lacey Scallop necklace and earring set. The creamy seed beads surrounding pink, golden yellow, and green accent beads with a beautiful center stone with similar coloring.

When I was a young kid and you asked me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer was always about 12 different things, and one of them was always an artist. But some where along the way I lost that passion for art, lost any confidence in my ability or talent for artistic things. It’s something that I’ve really only just started to regain over the last two years.

I always had a knack for art, but I felt I was only just above average and never extraordinary at it. I have an incredible ability to be good at anything I try, but I’ve never been great at anything. And while I appreciate how valuable a skill that can be, I yearn to be extraordinary at something, at almost anything. I came across the idea that if I could focus on an area for extended period of time, perhaps I could become exceptional at it.

A grease monkey I created for my boyfriend’s birthday. He was very surprised and he really liked it. 

Art has always been a love of mine, and when I say art, I mean it in the very broadest way possible. It is hard for me to pick one area. So for me it remains, art, from graphic design to painting, from accessory and fashion design to building and repurposing furniture. So I’m focusing on the very broad spectrum of art and hopefully someday I’ll be an exceptional artist.

My favorite coffee mug says “What would you attempt to do if you could not fail?” My ultimate dream job… a dream life really would be to have a shop/studio in the bottom of a historic home/building (I would live above). It wouldn’t just be a place for me, but for the community, of artists and not artists.


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